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A full featured software suite that is easily networked, creating a central
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Image Finder - Managing Digital Content

“Time is the most precious thing we have - it is the stuff of life”

We live in a world flooded by data - much of it graphical.

Cameras, smart-phones, the NET - never has it been so easy to create or access digital art.

And with terabyte hard drives commonplace, our natural tendency is to store, store, store everything we can.

But with this super-abundance comes a caveat - finding something becomes more difficult than tracking down the proverbial “needle in a haystack”.

And that’s what IF is all about- the science (and art) of getting control of all this digital data.

We developed ImageFinder to solve our own problems, which seem to be pretty generic.
and use it every day - all the more so as our collection grows exponentially each month.

Immediately we saw benefits - considerably less time spent searching, fewer duplicates, and less time searching the NET just to download something again - ‘cause we couldn’t find the original copy!

Which translates into fewer files on your PC - and more place for new content. (And fewer issues with versioning!)
Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . .

“if you don’t start now, you never will.”

Compelling Reasons For using ImageFinder:

  • It’s a no-nonsense tool that can take existing stores of
  • digital data, can automatically identify it, categorize it,
  • and build a highly searchable database - like having your
  • own private version of Google.
  • Existing records can be refined, expanding your search capabilities.

Typical applications:

Graphic tracking
- Art and Design studios
Document tracking
- Docs, PDF's.

Quick Features Overview:

  • Add new content in seconds
  • Reads EXIF data (where available)
  • Has batch processing ability
  • Auto-updating intelligent lists for selections
  • Identifies and avoids duplicates
  • Intelligent file renamer
  • Batch updating on search categories
  • Free format searching

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