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Clients, Contacts and Prospects.  ( )
Without them, what would your business do?
A full featured software suite that is easily networked, creating a central
data store for  marketing, prospecting and contact management.

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Customer Relationship Management

Get Your DATA to WORK for YOU


CRM - Synergizing
Clients, Contacts, Prospects and Employees.

How Profitable Is Your Business?

which of these is the key to a successful business?

  • Working longer hours
  • Having a patent
  • Offering a unique service
  • Having a huge company, with thousands of employees
  • Effective marketing

If you didn’t answer MARKETING, the odds are that you are working long, long hours,
and not enjoying the success you deserve.

Unfortunately, too many people dream about making it big by inventing something.
Someplace, sometime, they heard this:

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”
(a phrase beloved of inventors, attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Sadly, it just ain’t true. History is littered with the sad stories of people who starved to death while working their lives away perfecting the “better mousetrap”.

“There is only one PROFIT generating function

in business . . . MARKETING

Everything else is Cost”

Peter Drucker, the Management Guru of the 20th century, put it like this:

Business has only two functions - marketing & innovation.”
“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which
should not be done at all.”

The problem is, it sounds too simple.  People love production, making things.
Marketing is seen as a “necessary evil.”

To paraphrase Mr. Drucker: “If you can’t market it - then why BOTHER to do it?”

Is the way you are working generating profit

- or is it just using up time?

Ok, so if marketing is the key to success, what are the keys to marketing?

  • A system
  • Information
  • Teamwork
  • Building a winning strategy

But, before we talk about a marketing system, let’s chat about the crazy
things people actually do. They:

  • Store information in the strangest places
  • don’t have a system
  • can’t work as a team
  • have no strategy

Is your marketing data scattered around?

  • On scraps of paper (till and ATM slips are a firm favourite)
  • The proverbial “back of a cigarette pack”
  • On business cards (often stuck up on walls with gum)
  • In notebooks, scrap-books, jotters, loose-leaf folders . . .
  • on post-it notes (stuck onto the computer’s case, monitor, or keyboard?)
  • in personal filofax organizers, card holders, shoe boxes . . .

Lots of data ends up in lists - mainly spreadsheets:  customer lists, client lists, contact lists, email lists, user lists, phone lists, prospect lists, ToDo lists . . . the list is endless.

Often, these lists breed. Copies are given to co-workers. And in no time at all,
there may be 2, 3, 4 or more versions, scattered across the computers.

Which is the “official” one?   Which is up-to-date?  No-one knows. 

No wonder that people complain that working in sales is difficult.

We would NEVER do accounting this way.

So, why do it when we are Marketing?
Remember - accounting is a cost - marketing generates profits

So . . . is your marketing data:

  • scattered all over the place?
  • in different versions?
  • almost impossible to find quickly? (if at all)
  • difficult to share?
  • very insecure?

Does your marketing department battle against the odds?

Is teamwork a struggle?  Are reaction times slow?  Are mix-ups occurring?
It there frustration?   Is morale suffering?   Are people just doing their own thing?
Is productivity suffering?  Time wasted?  Do you have to waste time searching for information?

The Solution:

  • Use a SYSTEM to gather and store all your marketing data into ONE secure PLACE
  • SHARE this information with each person on the marketing team
  • Get the data to WORK for you
  • Define a STRATEGY, and make it easy to use, and upgrade

Then, there are  the Hidden Benefits:

Back up all your marketing data onto a CD or DVD, and save it off site. Quick and Easy

Plus Built-in Disaster Recovery:

If, (heaven forbid), your business was flooded out, or burned down, and all the paperwork was lost - 

all your marketing data would be safe on your backup disks.
Simply get a PC running, re-install your programs and data, and get back to business.

Put an end to this

 Move on to this . . .

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