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Questionnaire and Surveys  ( )
It’s said that to get the answers,
you have to ask the right questions
Q & S comes pre-loaded with hundreds of key questions ready for use.
Simply start a Survey, choose a category, and check the answers
from the multiple choice.
When you’re finished, review the score.

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Questions and Surveys (Q&S ) -Freeware

The Art and Science of Business Self-Discovery

“To get answers, you have to ask the right questions”

And, in an increasingly complex, connected, changing world, the number of questions one needs to ask never stops growing.

A business owner today has a hugely increased “need to know” - often about things that maybe were not even invented ten years ago.

To cope with the flood of information, and demands on their time, it appears that an increasing number of managers are resorting to Crisis Management - maybe why so many businesses are in crisis.

To find solutions, to plan ahead, to avoid pitfalls, we need answers.

And that’s what Q&S is all about getting answers by asking the right questions - the science (and art) of “getting answers by asking the right questions”.

But, it also goes further. Using Q&S you can look into the future, asking “what if”

You can also break free from the dangers of tunnel vision.

Surveys used to be time-consuming, and expensive.
Something only large corporations could afford.

Q&S lets you build on an existing pool of questions, and offers simple, but sophisticated ways of ensuring that answers are meaningful.

Surveys can either target specific areas (like marketing or staff morale), or can get the global view.

There’s no filling in of forms, no typing, no marking of responses, no maths needed to get answers.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

“if you don’t ask, you will never know”

Compelling Reasons For using Q&S:

  • Every year, thousands of companies fail - in most cases
  • because lack of information leads to poor decision-making
  • Many thousands more struggle on . . . from crisis-to-crisis
  • An increasing number of  managers feel that they aren’t
  • coping, often because they can’t keep up with developments

Typical applications:

  • Staff morale evaluation
  • New employee interview
  • Customer satisfaction response
  • Determining market knowledge
  • Future strategy planning
  • Personal performance rating
  • SWOT analysis

Quick Features Overview:

  • Multiple-choice format - simply click the answer
  • Sophisticated features to prevent “blind” clicking
  • Draw from a pool of ready-to-use questions
  • Add new questions
  • Modify existing questions
  • Target key areas
  • Quantify the results
  • Get answers fast
  • Uncover hidden agendas



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